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S & G Electric Motor Repair
With a Team of Professionals Committed to Providing Their Expertise and Service.
S & G Electric Motor Repair is an electric motor repair shop and a member of EASA. We specialize in serving mining and agricultural industries as well as heavy industry. With a team of professionals, we are able to offer the following services:
  • 10,000 sq. ft., fully equipped machine shop with five lathes, two mills and three experienced operators to make precision repairs on motor, pump and mechanical parts or to fabricate new parts from "scratch".
  • Dynamic balancing equipment for balancing motors, impellers, fans or any other type of rotating equipment. Our balancing machine is capable of handling items with a diameter of 8 feet and we have balanced items as long as 14 feet.
  • Welding shop equipped to repair broken or worn metal parts or fabricate new parts that may be necessary for a quality repair.
  • Motor winding area with software for testing core loss, electric motor winding data comparison and electric motor re-design capabilities.
  • Mechanical area for repair and building of vertical turbine, split case and centrifugal pumps. Also trash, waste water/pit dewatering imersible pumps.
  • 4.5 ton, 17.5 ton and 35 ton overhead cranes with 25 foot hook.
  • Outside service capabilities with the following equipment:
  • • 50 Ton Pump Rig
    • 24,000 lb., 16,000 lb., 10,000 lb. Boom Trucks
    • 20,000 lb. Load Forklift
    • Semi-flatbed Truck
    • Service Truck

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